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Space Today Online: Space Shuttles
-Space Today Online hosts a Space Shuttle page, with a schedule of Space Shuttle flights through 2003, articles, astronaught information, shuttle videos and pictures. Besides the Shuttle page, STO has a variety of other space-related pages.

-This page hosts a clickable map of a space shuttle, complete with explanations of each section of the shuttle.

-Take this virtual tour through the Space Shuttle Columbia as it's being prepared for launch in the Orbiter Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center. JAVA capable browser required.

-This Rocket activity page offers a brief history of rockets, rocket principles, practical rocketry and a variety of classroom rocket activities.

-This page hosts a twelve part series on the History of Rocketry. Each month a new section is available online.

-This page has an in depth explanation of the mechanisms of rocket propulsion. You may need a claculator for this page!

-Here you can learn about Firework Rockets, Solid Propellant Rocket Engines, and Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines.

-This page hosts a brief list of rockets, beginning with the rocket which took the first American into space. In addition to the rocket list, there are also Spacecraft, Satellite and Astronaut categories to explore.

-An Index of Rockets includes a listing of modern (1957-1990's) rockets with year of design, designer, dimensions, fuel and thrust.

What is Aeronautics?
-What is Aeronautics? What forces act on an airplane? Why does NASA study aeronautics? These questions and more are answered on this flight page by NASA.

Space Physiology

-This page talks about NIH.R4, one of the life sciences studies sponsored by NASA and NIH. The study is researching high blood pressure in Space.

-Hosted by NASA, this Q&A page has 120 listed questions and answers regarding anything you can think about space flight.

-The Life Sciences Division is researching the fundamental role of gravity, cosmic radiation, isolation and confinement on the vital biological, chemical, physical and psychological processes of living systems in space.

Neurolab Online
-The Neurolab mission will conduct brain research to study neurological and behavioral changes in space. This Neurolab page hosts featured events, chats, questions, videos, photo gallery, kids corner and more.

-This History of Space Life Sciences is hosted by the Home Page to the Neurolab Mission, which contains a lot of information about neuroscience in addition to a cool navigational Neurolab image map.

-The UCSD Physiology/NASA Lab is one of the first in the world to comprehensively assess human lung function during weightlessness. The lab is involved in pulmonary function in weightlessness research on both the NASA space shuttle and the KC-135.

Astrobiology Web is an online guide to the living universe. This site has a Student's Guide for planning a career in Astrobiology, a calendar for upcoming and recent related events, news and a specific search engine.


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