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Live Weather Images
-This site has up to date surface temperatures, seismic activity information, an Interactive Weather Page, maps and more.

IWIN National Weather Service
-This site hosts interactive live satellite images updated every 60 sec, along with local and national weather reports and videos.

Yahoo Weather
-Yahoo allows the option of typing in a city by name, and automatically brings up weather info and satellite images for the specified region. In addition to the city search engine, there are links for almost every country.

WorldClimate contains over 85,000 records of world climate data (historical weather averages) from a wide range of sources.

Intellicast World Weather
-The Intellicast site contains satellie images, radar, high/low temps, and world coverage.

The Space Weather Bureau
-NASA's Space Weather Bureau hosts a 24 hour forecast on solar activity, the magnetosphere and conditions in space.

Satellite coverage of El Niño

NOAA's El Niño Page
-This site has current data concerning El Niño, media coverage of El Niño and current forecasts.

-Nasa's site has updated sea temperatures, current views from space and forecasts of potential storms.

El Niño
-This page contains animated images of ocean temperatures as well as percipitation graphs and surface temperatures.

- from the Environmental News Network.

- A San Diego based page describing the El Niño phenomenon, complete with an "Ask An Expert" section.

Satellite Images of Earth and Space

-This page is in English and Japanese, and has catalogued images of Japan, the Dead Sea, Beijing, Amazon Rain Forest and many other major cities and places of interest.

DSRS Geostationary Satellite Images
-This site has live low, medium and full resolution images of the entire planet, from several different angles.

Global Hydrology and Climate Center
-This page has the current date and time, along with live visible, infrared and water vapor images of the earth.

-This page has an archive of updated images of earth, hurricane and volcano sectors and geosynchronous weather satellites.

The Best of the Hubble Space Telescope
-This page has an organized list of well over one hundred of the most popular Hubble images of space.

- NASA's look at the ocean surface temperature, surface winds and water vapor via satellite.

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