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Global Warming is an issue of increasing importance in todays society. Advances in technology and understanding of the atmosphere have shown trends in global warming, and for this reason, we would like to provide you with informational links so that you, too, can become informed of the processes which affect our Earth.

Global Warming:

- The Environmental Protection Agency's informational site describing the impact of human activities on the changing climate.

Global Warming: Focus on the Future
- A Virtual exhibition of sources and consequences of Global Warming.

- Provides political news, legislation, and the ins and outs of Global Warming

European Air Emissions
-This page hosts a study of emissions of air pollutants in Europe. The statistics are colorfully illustrated and catagorized either by country or pollutant, allowing the user to go directly to their topic of interest.

-This comprehensive site covers the global warming debate, with news and updates, key experts, documents, treaties, discussion rooms and other resources.

The Greenhouse Effect:

The Greenhouse Effect: Why It Is
- Discusses the Greenhouse Gases, Ozone Hole and how life on Earth is affected by global warming.

Grappling with Greenhouse
- An Australian guide to the Greenhouse Effect, its consequences, and the global carbon cycle.

Greenhouse Gas Technology Information Exchange
-This site is a search engine for the IEA GREENTIE Directory, and hosts contact information for more than 7,000 organizations and experts. It covers the fields of energy and greenhouse gas mitigation technologies.

Environmental Education

-NRDC online covers the "e-zone", where environmental news, thought, opinion, data adn trivia collect. With four separate sections geared to distinct sets of interests and needs, this site is an all-purpose environmental site.

Greenpeace International Home Page
-Greenpeace has a well organized site with tons of information concerning our planet. They address issues such as Toxics, Nuclear threat, Ocean dumping, the Atmosphere, the Forests, the Oceans, Genetic Engineering and much more.

Sierra Club
-The Sierra Club is a nonprofit member-supported, public interest organization that promotes conservation fo the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions. Their homepage is updated weekly.

EnviroLink Home Page
-EnviroLink is a grassroots online community that unites hundreds of organizations and volunteers worldwide. EnviroLink attempts to offer the most comprehensive, up to date environmental resource available.

National Geographic
-In addition to their world famous photography, National Geographic's Home Page has a section for Kids, Media, Resources, The Society and a variety of other earth-conscious topics that make for a colorful, well designed site.


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