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-Is Star Trek really a science show, or just a lot of nonsensical Sci-Fi? Could people really DO the fantastic things they do on Star Trek, or is it all just hi-tech fantasy? This page explores the realities of the Star Trek writers' imaginations.

-This site focuses on the propulsion related issues of space travel, explaining the challenges of interstellar travel, existing propulsion ideas and the possibilites emerging from scientific literature that one day may provide the breakthrough to the "Warp Drive".

Fun Things to Do on the Internet

-Ever wonder how much you would weigh on another planet? How old you would be? You can find out, and while you're at it, you can tak the Kid Quiz, download color pages, play word games and read a Space Story!

Earth Viewer
-Earth Viewer lets you view either a map of the Earth showing the current day and night regions, or view the Earth from the Sun, Moon or above any location on the planet. In addition to Earth, you can also view the Moon.

-StarChild is a learning center for young astronomers, with activities that cover the Solar System, the Universe and "Space Stuff". This site is intended primarily for ages 13 and under.

Imagine the Universe!
-This site is dedicated to a discussion about our Universe,what we know about it, how it's evolving and the kinds of objects and phenomena it contains. This site is intended primarily for ages 14 and up.

-Even Scientists like to take a break and have a little fun! But watch might actually learn something playing these games!

Stephen Hawking's Universe
-Hosted by PBS, Stephen Hawking's Universe ponders the big questions, "Where do we come from? How did the Universe begin? Why is the Universe the way it is? How will it end?"

-Find the shortest path between two cities; build your own kite, or plan a flight around the country. These are some of the activities related to math and auronautics you can find here.

Your Sky
Your Sky is an interactive planetarium on the Web, allowing you to create a sky map at any given location or a horizon view. You can also use the Virtual Telescope to track an asteroid or comet, with a variety of viewing options.

Mission: Fun is part of the Space Day home page. Their Fun page has a "sometimes spacey, sometimes scientific and always amazing collection of visual, verbal, celestial and cerebral phantasmagoria." Their words tell it best!

Customize a postcard from space to send to a friend from Lockheed Martin's Space Day web site.


The Lair of 1 Alien

Scientific skepticism, UFO's and the Flying Sauces Myth

SETI Institute


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